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Sherlock A-Z:

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IN THE FLESH MEME [1/5] scenes

what was your last thought? don’t know. i just remember feeling… relief. relief?

yeah, i didn’t choose it

Kieren Walker | The Road Is A Grey Tape

by daremetohope

In Defense of Steve Walker


I don’t know, I keep seeing stuff about it, but here is why I don’t hate Kieren’s dad:

I can’t. I did dislike his choices at certain points, sure.  And I did, while watching the show and waving my wine glass around, rage ineffectually at him and, really, at the vast majority of the characters like "don’t do this thing, jesus fucking christ don’t, I swear to fucking god if you fucking do the thing I will slap you through my screen".  I definitely did that.  

But Steve is an entirely real and fantastically done portrait of a human.  All of the characters are.  That’s what I love about this show. 

((cut because this got so much longer than I meant it to, oh my god, sorry))

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Night Fury Attack

The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself ….